Friday, April 13, 2007

Kindzmarauli Semi-Sweet Red Wine

Made from the Saperavi variety of grapes, kindzmarauli is produced in the Kvareli region of eastern Georgia, which was first brought into the Kingdom of Georgia by King David the Builder in the 12th century.

Kindzmarauli is a naturally semi-sweet red wine whose flavor results from only picking the grapes after enough sugar has naturally formed within them. Thus, the sugar content is maintained without chemicals or additives. With a scent of ripe berries and a deep purple color, kindzmarauli has a velvety taste that is rich and peppery with a touch of sweetness and a lingering finish which balances both fruit and acidity.

This wine contains 10.5-12.0% alcohol, 3-5% sugar and has 5.0-7.0% titrated acidity. The Georgian Royal Collection and Tamada are two of the leading producers.

For those interested in traveling to the home of kindzmarauli, the Kvareli region of the Kakheti province is not only home to a variety of wineries but also home to such breathtaking attractions as the Gremi monastery, and the Alaverdi monastery (pictured below), founded by a 6th century Assyrian monk who came from Antioch.


David said...

My name is Dave Farmer and i am the President of the MSA Museum Society and I recently try your fine wine at the IVSA product salon and would like to invite you to The MSA Museum Fall Wine Festival on Oct 23 2010. More details can be obtained at our web site www or by contacting our executive director Dorothy Van der Ree at Thank you for your time Dave

GUY said...

My name is G├ęza.I discovered today in Istanbul the Kindzmarauli wines.
I must say, it is excellent !
The bottle (I received from my daughter)has a brand: The Olden Monastery.
On the cork: Kakhetian Wines.
Very interesting !