Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Georgian Recipes Online

Today I discovered a wonderful blog of Georgian recipes, aptly titled Delicious Georgian Cuisine. I only regret that the blog had a rather short life and is no longer posting recipes. However, there are 48 on the website, and I'm looking forward to trying some. They run the gamut from soups and breads to meats and salads.

You'll notice from many of the pictures that Georgian cuisine, not surprisingly, pairs very well with wine.


Thamnophis said...

I wonder about the wine making process in Georgia. The wine I had there was exceptional but I didn't talk to anyone about the process. Have you found any typical wine making recipes or processes Georgians use?

Carl said...

Traditional winemaking in Georgia is still in practice by "cellaring" grapes in large amphorae (kvevri) buried in the ground. Unfortunately, no commercial wine by this method is available. Commercial wine is produced by a handful of large wineries. Georgian wine is an adventure into the past, still alive today.

jose nazario said...

thanks for the pointer. i had my first georgian food the other night and wow, it's delicious! (in moscow of all places.)