Thursday, May 15, 2008

Akhasheni Red Wine

Like many of Georgia's finest wines, Akhasheni red wine comes from the Kakheti region (whose David Gareja monastery is pictured above). This wine is made from Saperavi grapes from the Akhasheni vineyards of the Gurdzhaani district.

The wine is naturally semi-sweet and has a dark pomegranate color and a velvety taste with undertones of chocolate. It has 10.5-12.0% alcohol, 3-5% sugar and 5-7% titrated acidity. Akhasheni red wine has been manufactured since 1958.

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Schnauzers Of Taylor said...

We just enjoyed a bottle of this wine, found it at Specs here in Texas. Became interested in the Georgian wines since my son is working there right now.
Thank you for a wonderful blog!